No nap! No nap!

I'm trying something new today (on several levels), including trying to build some new a beneficial habits.

Like writing every day and actually getting around to putting my contacts in and makeup on every day.

Today Christopher and I got up late so I missed my window for putting on my makeup. So after I put him down for his nap I went into the master to actually do my makeup.

15 minutes later I came back out to find Christopher trying to figure out how to open his bedroom door. Looks like another no nap day.


At least he's being distracted enough that I can get this writing done and if I'm really, really lucky I might get to unload and load the dishwasher without "assistance".

Well that didn't take long...

Post about scheduling. Then the schedule changes.

Good news is Chris is going into the office later, therefore we're waking up later, which is full of awesome as far as I'm concerned.

However that means the time between Chris leaving and Christopher waking up is now considerably smaller, and is better used in self-care. Things like taking a shower and actually doing that thing where I put in contacts and apply makeup.

At least that means I'm wearing makeup again, which is a very good thing.

Christopher is still taking naps, so I at least have that window, and honestly if I take care of myself properly it's the best window.

Figuring out a schedule

Writing is not compatible with the toddler as he is now. Therefore writing needs to happen while he's asleep.

Since the only times Christopher is asleep are at night and his single nap, I need to write in one of these windows:

1. In the morning when I'm up before Christopher is up and after Chris leaves for work.
2. Nap time.
3. After Christopher goes to sleep for the night.

I'm usually too wiped after he goes to sleep for the night, naps are extremely variable (and frankly sometimes I need to take a nap with him), so that leaves first thing in the morning.

I am NOT a morning person.

Looks like I'll need to learn to be a morning person.

So... this is awkward...

I need to get back to writing again. It's a matter of life or death, or more accurately sanity or insanity.

Yes I have a hyperactive, hyperintelligent toddler who keeps me on my toes constantly. I still need to frickin write.

I'm so out of practice though, so it's going to take me a bit to find my feet and find things to write about. And there are some seriously important things I need to write about that I'm terrified to air.

So this should be interesting.