So What is Renaissance Wife?

Renaissance Wife (the blog) is a practice in demographics and audience. There's about a billion things I want to write about that have nothing to do with a. the ranch (or lack thereof) and the businesses and b. the AnarchAngel i.e. the husband's blog. I don't think his readers are quite the right audience for some of the subjects I'd like to go into at length, though they are more than welcome here as well. Also the forum at the Gun Counter doesn't really have a category for makeup and lingerie.

A Renaissance Wife is a concept and title akin to Renaissance Man, but not quite the same. If a Renaissance Man is akin to Fred, the Renaissance Woman is akin to Ginger; doing everything Fred does but backwards and in high heels (and stockings of course!)

The Renaissance Wife is a Renaissance Woman with some "extra" responsibilities.

I hemmed and hawed over the title of this blog, mostly over the word "wife". Isn't it too restrictive? Doesn't that limit the potential of the Renaissance Woman?

Then I realized that yes, while a woman is free to date or not, become a mother or not, marry or not, chase a career field or not, and most differently screw around with whoever she wants (or not) that doesn't necessarily give more freedom than being a wife.

As far as I'm concerned, a wife has as many options as a woman (even the last, depending on her and her spouse's opinion on the matter) but with some extra challenges. If we're referring to a plethora of interests, disciplines, and competencies, being married is certainly a field of study all its own. and a most important field of study to me.

Also, quite a few of the interests and competencies I hold are directly related to my marriage, and would hardly exist without that relationship.

I am a Renaissance Wife.


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