Mel Want - Penti by Kenan Dogulu

 Mel LOVE:

No, I'd probably never wear them, but since when does that matter?

I love a bunch of the styles Penti offers. In fact, the Penti storefront in Cambridge Square ended up being one of the few stops I made on my tourist expedition in Boston at which I actually bought something (several things actually). That storefront is like a candy store for the hosiery-obsessed; walls full of every style in every color in every size.

Well, every style except this one anyway. Like quite a few manufacturers, Turkey-based Penti doesn't offer all of its styles in the US. One of the Madonna/ whore complex issues that plagues the lingerie markets in the US. The American woman's tendency to only buy practical, slutty, or luxury lingerie kinda screws manufacturers over. There's not near enough call for the whimsical, therefore not enough profit to stock American stores with the nifty.

But that's a rant for another day.

I may not be able to buy these as easily in the US, but that doesn't stop me from wanting.


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