Not So Optional After All

Sorry for the lack of posting. Life has been... stressful.

So at this point I'm 28 weeks pregnant. 11 weeks and a bit to go! But I am tired, so very tired. I'm not used to being this fatigued and life stress is just adding to the fatigue. I swear, if I got news tomorrow that my husband was employed I would be much more energetic!

That being said, I've slacked off on a couple of things. A few of them are truly unnecessary, but a few of them make me feel enough better on a daily basis that I'm able to tackle more.

Adderall used to be fairly optional. It's very much not. Caffeine used to be optional. Now I might as well hook myself up with a caffeine IV.

Today took both adderall and caffeine.

Turns out my morning makeup routine is also very, very necessary.

I don't know what it is about doing my makeup in the morning but it seems to put my mindset into "work" mode. Something about the ritual, about applying everything in the required order and cleaning the brushes afterward, is very calming. I need that bit of calm right now.

Should it be voluntary? Definitely. Is it at the moment? No, not really. It's one of those few things about life that I feel like I have complete control over.

So today I took back control.  I spent an hour and a half cleaning out the master bathroom and cleaning up my mess of makeup.

Are there other projects that really needed my attention, and were higher priority? Of course, there always are. But tomorrow I get to roll out of bed and walk through a messy bedroom into a bastion of peace and order with everything I need right there. If I do things right, I can do that every day.

That's definitely worth an hour and a half of work.

Mel Want - Guerlain Gigolo (70) Rouge G

Not that I can afford it (now or anytime soon), but that doesn't keep me from wanting it:

This is why:

(from Tempatalia, who you really should be reading)

Wow that's gorgeous...