Today July 1, 2014


I learned that sometimes the craving for caffeine is a sign that shit's about to get interesting.

I learned that I can do certain portions of Chris's job while under pressure.

My best laid plans died a horrible death while I was doing the above.

I woke up this morning to find my 15-month-old replaced by a child with the mental and emotional development of a two-year-old and the willful streak to match.

I learned that prepping for dinner can be enough entertainment for two children...

Provided it doesn't take too long.

I learned that I still shouldn't attempt cooking angel hair pasta because I still suck at it.

I discovered my 130-lb dog has decided the boy is an awesome playmate, and that he must object to the boy going to bed before he's played enough.

I learned I only have so much tolerance for being kicked.

Life is full of little lessons.