Christopher's Halloween Stash

Yesterday I took Christopher trick-or-treating the first time.

Our house is on an acre lot and so are the rest of the houses on the street. Christopher insisted on walking on his own (with Monkey, his backpack/ safety harness of course) so we only made it about 8 houses or so before he started getting too tired.

The nice lady who lives at the house next to our neighbor insisted on walking us around since she didn't have her 2-year-old nephew to walk around (he was too sick).

That's when I learned about elderly Floridians inviting strange people into their houses, but that's a whole different post.

I set out our own Halloween candy on the porch while we were out trick-or-treating. As far as I can tell we didn't get a single trick-or-treater so the bowl was still filled to the brim.

So last night after the boy passed out I went to go get ice cream. Before I left I brought the big bowl of candy for the nonexistent trick-or-treaters in and put it beside the front door. I didn't care that it was within easy reach of Christopher because he was asleep.

While I was gone Christopher woke up and was inconsolable and looking for me so Chris let him out of the bedroom to run off some energy. I was already on my way back at this point. When I got back I found Christopher rifling through the candy in the (normally toddler-safe) entry way.

I didn't think anything of it until this morning when Christopher reached into a formerly candy-devoid toy box and pulled out a lollipop.

He'd pulled out several items from the candy bowl and squirreled them away in various places in the house.

I honestly do not know whether to encourage this behavior or not. On one hand he was thinking of the future and making sure he'd have candy available; on the other hand I need to go make sure we're not going to get ants.