My other secret for managing my anxiety, besides mindset

I intentionally wrote the previous piece in such a way that a person dealing with anxiety could find some hope in dealing with it themselves and roadmap for understanding how the whole thing works.

In other words, empowering them by letting them know they already have the tools necessary to tackle their own anxiety without necessarily *needing* to depend on other people. Sometimes people with anxiety get locked into the idea that they NEED the therapist, that they NEED the meds, that they can't do it by themselves.

That being said, having help is incredibly, um, helpful.

For example, I wouldn't have known I went through panic attacks without my husband. I wouldn't even know that's how I manifested my anxiety without Chris. I wouldn't have made it to the doctor, tried eleventybillion things that didn't work, or faced the multiple triggers for my anxiety without Chris.

He's held my hand, and the rest of me, through 10 years of panic. He's adapted his social life, adapted his home life, left social occasions early, skipped social events altogether, dealt with a million freak outs, and otherwise dealt with me as I dealt with my anxiety.

He's also helped me work through a lot of the causes of my anxieties and kept me accountable.

Why didn't I mention that in the list of ways to deal? Because not everyone gets a Chris, and in no way should that hold them back from trying.

He's my best friend, husband, and counselor all wrapped up together in one person, and I'm very lucky to have him.

I thank God that He saw fit to bring us together.


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